Nothing Says “I Love You” Like Sugar And Butter

15 Feb

I know I may stand alone in this opinion, but I LOVE Valentine’s Day (yeah, I know, it’s a stupid non holiday created by Hallmark, but what can I say? I am a sap, a true romantic at heart ha!).      

I love the chance to dream up some new way to tell my husband just how much I love him, and this year, I decided it had to involve one of the few things I love even more than Valentine’s Day – COOKIES!

I am not the best with words, so I always have trouble with greeting cards and trying to figure out what to write in them, so this year, I decided an edible greeting card was in order.

Giant Sugar Cookies shaped like hearts and frosted to look like conversation hearts, with perzonalized messages on them were what I decided to make

First, I had to pick a sugar cookie recipe, and since I already determined that the Betty Crocker recipe was the favorite in my Battle Of The Sugar Cookies, I just whipped up a batch of those and got down to the important part – the decorating!

Picture 001

I set up my supplies, which included the cookies, vanilla frosting (check out my go-to recipe here) tinted to ‘conversation heart’ colors, and then of course some dark pink frosting for piping the messages

Picture 004

Picture 005

First order of business was to get a base of frosting on the cookies, and then came the fun part! I piped the messages on, and this is what they ended up looking like

Picture 006

All together it says “On this day 7 years ago, I gave you this “You and Me”, and told you to think about it. I’m so glad you did. I Love you more every day. Here’s to a lifetime of love. Happy Valentine’s Day, Love – C”

Picture 007

The story behind the message is that 7 years ago before we started dating, I approached him with a “You and Me” conversation heart and told him (partly jokingly) to “think about it”. We started dating soon after, and the rest is history. I credit the conversation heart as being the catalyst that started our relationship – cheesy, but true

Picture 011

Then came the question of how to package them – I decided to wrap each cookie individually in a plastic sandwich container, and then number them (to be opened in order by my Valentine). When I brought out this huge box and told him to open his ‘card’, it had the desired jaw-dropping effect

Picture 008Picture 009

He loved it, and luckily he was willing to share….

Picture 010Hope your Valentine’s Day was as sweet as mine was!

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