DIY Chocolate Covered Strawberries

11 May
Ok, so I am aware that these technically aren’t ‘baking’, but there is no denying that chocolate covered strawberries make a delicious dessert – plus, they are classy and romantic to boot!
When I saw how much the grocery store was charging for just one of these (like $3 EACH), I thought to myself “for the price of 2 of those, I could make a whole batch!”
So, I did.
I bought: fresh Strawberries, a bag of semi sweet chocolate chips, and a bag of white chocolate chips
And Here’s how I did it:
-I melted the chocolates in the microwave until smooth (takes about a minute, and I always stir it at least once during that time)
-I washed and dried the strawberries (the drying is pretty important – the chocolate won’t adhere if it’s wet!)
-I dipped them in the chocolate, some in the semi-sweet and some in the white, and some with white drizzled on semi-sweet, really whatever I felt like doing! (I basically just held onto the stem while I dipped them, and it got kinda messy, so you could always use 2 skewers to dip the berries in the chocolate if you didn’t want to end up with chocolate hands!)

You could really decorate them with almost anything, you could use those colored chocolate melts, and after you dip them in the chocolate you could sprinkle them with all kinds of goodies – peanuts, crushed up oreos, health bar bits, mini m and m’s, or colored sprinkles to name just a few possibilities!

My biggest issue? Getting them to look pretty – but I will keep at it until mine look as good as the store bought ones!

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